Human Rights

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Human Rights Training

Working Group „Warming Up Human Rights“; (WG):

Since summer 2005 a human rights working group „Warming up human rights“(WG) has been existing at the head office of the Kinderring.

The idea of building a human rights working group arose in Sweden during a tent camp (Zeltlager) where Jyoti Chakma offered several workshops on human rights, which were attended by many children, teenagers and team leaders. All workshops were successful and the participants had a lot of fun. At that time we thought about doing workshops and seminars at the office of Kinderring and at schools which very quickly lead to the creation of the working group „Warming up on human rights“.

Aim of the Working Group:

– to raise awareness on human rights to the children and youth – to train youth workers, social workers, school teachers and youth leaders in the field of human education – to disseminate the key idea of COMPASS (Human Rights Manuel of European Council) – to empower youth leaders in carrying out human rights training in team – to teach youth leaders in the interactive and participatory method for human rights education – to provide information about the European institutions in the field of human rights – to raise awareness of intercultural learning and tolerance towards other religion

Workshop and Training:

The working group offers different workshops and training courses on human right issues at schools and organisations in Berlin.


2006 WG has organised two international youth exchange with the issue of Human Rights. The title of the first youth exchange was „European Youth for Human Rights and European Identity“ which was financed by the Youth for Europe/EU. 35 young people from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Germany have taken part of this 10 days youth exchange. The second youth exchange with the title „Youth School for Human Rights“;- was a bilateral exchange with 40 participants from Germany and Poland. This exchange was taken place from 7th to 13th July in Starachowice/Poland and from 22nd to 27th August in Berlin. This project is financed by the Foundation „Erinnerung, Verantwortung and Zukunft“ and „Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk“.

The working group meets once a month to discuss and plan about a specific topic on human rights and for the workshop or training.